2018-2019 students: Susanne, Mimi & Trish, Will & Dina

Susanne joined us in July 2019. Pottery is a welcome break from her job as a school nurse. These are her first bowls. Sweet.

Mimi and Trish came 3 times, early 2018. This is (some of) what they made:

Will and Dina came the first half of the year, 2019. Will was a senior in high school. He wanted to make gifts for all his teachers for the many past years of helping him. He did well, considering he is legally blind. Below is some of the many bowls/cups that they made as a team. Both threw, trimmed, and glazed. Most of the pots were purple to go with Will's school colors, but they tried a couple of other color combinations too.

"Deb has helped me improve my ceramic skills and 
I have been able to make beautiful pieces under her guidance!" - Will

Below, Will is using a stutter tool to add texture to some bowls after trimming the foot.

"My teenager signed up for lessons with Deb and I decided to join in. 
Deb has been an excellent teacher and I'm having so much fun! I really love it." - Dina 

Dina made a "massive" mug for herself at the end of her time here. 
Pictured below: she is throwing it, pulling a handle for it, and the finished mug.