Marty and Eri

Marty joined us Feb. 2019. 
Marty is an adult child of an artist friend of mine in town. My friend told Marty about my classes. 

Above, Marty is throwing a round vase and 
putting underglaze over leaves that she imprinted then removed, 
on a cheese plate wedding gift for a friend.  

Here's the finished plate 
with "meant to brie" cheese knife also dated with friends' wedding date:
The hole is to hang it on the wall.

Marty told her friend and colleague, Eri, about the classes. Eri joined us in March 2019.

Eri is trimming a bowl and carving designs in an underglaze layer on a bowl.

Finished bowl below with the yellow middle:

"Pottery class with Deb is a great creative outlet that I look forward to every week!
I like that Deb is willing to be as hands on or hands off as you want her to be - 
she is always available to guide you or lend a hand, 
but also gives you enough space to find your own creative process.  
Class times and dates are super flexible, and I also get to socialize with my friend Martha!  
All in all a very satisfying way to spend two hours." 
- Eri (Oct. 2019)

Inspired by my Reminder Stones, Eri made these to give her colleagues/employees 
where they work in the veterinary field.