Elaine & Mia

Elaine and Mia started classes in April 2016.

"My 10 yr. old daughter, Mia, and I love learning to throw pottery together. Deb is a calm and patient teacher, helping us with techniques without stifling our own creativity. We look forward to each of our classes." - Elaine 

This is a french butter dish. Elaine worked hard to get this to work! Success! See it in use:

Mia's toes with Elaine's dog dish. So cute!

Elaine keeps challenging herself with new projects...this is a her second try at a large chip dish with clay cut off the side to curve around and hold the dip bowl. Success! (below)

 The above lidded pear butter dish was a challenge to get "right." It took multiple attempts. 
Elaine is persistent and willing to recycle attempts that don't work for her.

Posted end of 2021, this is her most recent top picks from the past couple of years:

Sweet and Salty butter dishes for a friend

"Throwing pottery is really fun! Deb gives me lots of ideas of what I can do but she lets me do it all on my own." - Mia

Mia started as a 10 year old and is now 16 (as of Dec. 2021).  She likes to make miniature animals and planters.

Honey Pot, Doggy Soap Dish, and Bear

The brown bowl has a folded-over rim, a new skill for Mia to try, as is the tool texture on the side.

Mia made this Snoopy Sniffing Flower miniature set for her mom. 

Posted end of 2021, this is Mia's most recent top picks (in Deb's opinion) from the past couple of years: