"I thoroughly enjoy working with Deb! She’s very helpful with new ideas for new clay projects. Deb is clear and precise when guiding me on the wheel, hand building, or how to work with her glazes. She’s also easy to chat with while working on projects. I highly recommend working with her if you want to learn the craft of pottery!" - Rebecca 

Rebecca became a pottery student here in January of 2018. She comes to Studio Together once a week. We have great talks while working on our own creations.

Rebecca's first piece to go home, above.

This slab-work lamp, lit from both above and within, was another large project from Rebecca. She requested I buy the red glaze for this, so I named it Fiar (sounds like: fire) after part of her last name.

This combo of colors inspired work I (the teacher) am doing. Love the combo and overlap effect.

Rebecca's second thumbprint bowl. Large, with a raised, sculptural center.

Below is some of Rebecca's newest work, 
made since returning after the Pandemic Lock-down-pause. 
These are large kitchen storage jars with lids: